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Spectro Weld Institute


About Us

Spectro Weld Institute is a joint venture between Spectro Analytical Labs Limited, a leading testing and inspection services provider having the twelve branches in India and two in Middle East .

Spectro has ISO 17025 accreditation in four fields Chemical, Mechanical, NDT and Biological. Accreditation in Calibration and Electrical are expected soon.

Planned to Achieve Goals

To achieve high Practical content at Welders’ Level and Substantiated with theory to understand process, procedures, parameters selection, consumables & equipments selection, weld defects, trouble shooting applications etc.

To achieve high Theoretical content at Engineers and Managers Level and substantiated with practical to get hands on exposure of various welding processes, Complete and all inclusive package to make the trainee a professional Employee, Curriculum relevant to an Industrial / Fabrication Industry.


Spectro Weld Institute moulds its trainees to Class Welders. This is obtained by parting with theoretical knowledge, practical skill and work place attitudes, that are are essential to enter the Profession of Welding and Welding Inspection. Trainees are encouraged to be in touch with the Institute even after the course completion, “To practice what has been preached” and consolidate the gains of training during the actual job performance.

Our Charter

Our Programs are framed specially to obtain the following key results.

  • All Trainees will achieve recognized Qualifications.
  • All Programs reflect quality training to meet industrial needs.
  • All Trainees gain employment through skill achieved during the Training.

Our Mission

To Produce Quality Welders to meet the Industry Standards. Enabling the users to obtain the AWS Accreditations.

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