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Gas Welding

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Gas Welding

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Gas Welding, Brazing And Cutting :


This course will enable the arc welders to acquire the complimentary basic skills/practice of Gas Welding, Brazing & Cutting. The course is carefully designed to offer the necessary theoretical and practical exposure to Gas welding, Brazing & Cutting. The lessons are planned to a methodical, step-by-step approach to enable the participants to easily acquire the necessary skills.

Suitable For :

Candidates familiar with arc welding.

Course Content :
  • Introduction to gas welding process.
  • Fuel gases and supporting gas.
  • Gas welding equipment & accessories.
  • Welding flames and their applications.
  • Safety precautions.
  • Welding consumables.
  • Comparison of fusion and non-fusion techniques.
  • Principle of oxy-fuel cutting.
  • Features of gas cutting touches.
  • Application of gas cutting process.
  • Video demonstration.
  • Hands-on training.
  • Certificate.
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