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Foundation Course In Welding Technology :


This Course is designed to enable engineers to understand the technology of welding. Adequate practical training in Electric Arc Welding, Gas welding, Brazing and cutting will enable them to wed with their own hands and efficiently guide their welders.

Suitable For :


Course Content :
  • Basic concept of welding, brazing and cutting.
  • Safety precaution in are and gas welding / brazing and cutting.
  • Principle operation handling and selection of are welding & gas welding / cutting plants.
  • Selection, storage and handling of welding Consumable.
  • Joint design and fit-up.
  • Techniques of welding / brazing and cutting.
  • Weld ability & weld ability tests.
  • Weld defects – causes and remedies.
  • Welding procedure and performance qualification.
  • Evaluation of the weldments by destructive and non destructive testing techniques.
  • Case study.
  • Practical training in welding, brazing and cutting.
  • Video demonstration
  • Hands – on training.
  • Certificate
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